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Evelin Ojeda Naveda - President

Mary Allegra - 1st Vice- President

Ernesto Lisboa - 2nd Vice -President

Aura Cabello - 3rd Vice-President

Luis Jordan - Secretary

Grazibel Nani - Treasurer

Miguel Pérez - Communications Coordinator

Evelyn Izquierdo – Editor





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VenTESOL English Summer Camp 2014, which took place in Tucacas (Caribbean Suites Hotel) from September 15th to 18th, 2014, aimed to provide future English teachers with basic tools for the development of the four English language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Based on the different theories, approaches and models of language learning and teaching, campers will experience the English language through the use of diverse strategies, techniques and activities for the improvement of each language skill.


The main objective of this camp was to offer 49 pre-service English teachers from Universidad de Carabobo Universidad Francisco de Miranda, the opportunity of using and enhancing their oral and written communicative skills in English through different non-conventional strategies. Within this purpose, the program of the event was structured to develop a series of activities to stimulate participants’ motivation to ongoing language and professional training. During the 4 day camp, teacher trainees were also sensitized to English Speaking countries cultures along with the need of enhancing their language skills outside the classroom walls.

A guided collaborative development of all the activities took place throughout the camp days. The inclusion of activities related to the environment, cultural and social issues, recreational techniques, and the participation of distinguished guests from different English speaking countries produced a positive impact on all the participants.

This English Summer Camp 2014 was designed to show students and teachers the unlimited possibilities of carrying out the processes of teaching and learning the language in innovating and meaningful contexts.

Some of the many benefits pre-service teachers encountered during this camp are listed below:


• Improvement in linguistic and meta-linguistic abilities

• An increase of cognitive ability such as divergent thinking, concept formation, verbal abilities, listening skills and general reasoning

• Improves one's understanding of his/her native language.

• Opens the door to other cultures and helps learners understand and appreciate people from other countries.

• Enhances memory, among others.


For that reason, VenTESOL 4 camp days were devoted to show students an array of didactic possibilities, unconventional teaching settings have in the learning of a second language. During those days, participants engaged in a wide range of activities which helped them not only develop their own language skills, but also to expand their ELT methodology knowledge. By the end of the summer camp, pre-service students were able to communicate efficiently by applying cooperative learning strategies as well as autonomous learning tools so as to become independent learners.


During the 4-day camp, the following aspects were promoted and practiced:

1. Face-to-face interaction: Students supported each other through task understandings and accomplishments. Group members encouraged partners' achievements.

2. Group processing:  Group members’ evaluated their own effectiveness and took into consideration improvement decisions. In order to reach this goal, group members participated and were responsible of their part in the task in order to accomplish it.

3. Individual and group accountability: It required a great sense of responsibility in order to decrease social loafing. Accordingly, students had to make their learning capacity evident.

4. Positive interdependence: Group members had a role or a task. As a result, each one had to be certain of their responsibility with the rest of their partners.

5. Social skills: These included interpersonal and group skills as leadership, effective communication, trust-building, conflict-management skills and decision-making.


VenTESOL English Summer Camp 2014 also promoted learner autonomy and integrated the use of the four language skills in order to emphasize the focus on realistic language and lead to the students’ global development of communicative competence in a cooperatively comfortable environment where learner autonomy was encouraged. (See program attached)



General Coordinators (2): Aura Cabello and Mary Allegra



Evelin Ojeda

Ernesto Lisboa

Aura Cabello

Luis Jordan

Miguel Pérez

Johannes Rojas

Gabriella Figueredo

Alnaldo Rodriguez

Pedro Escalante


Special Guests:

    Michael Jones –ELSpec from US Embassy

Yohimar Sivira - UNEFM

  Maricarmen Gamero – UNEFM

Mary Andall – from Grenada

     Darrel Warren – from Trinidad and Tobago


University Students:

49 pre-service students from Universidad Experimental Francisco de Miranda  (UNEFM) and Universidad de  Carabobo




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